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What’s Happening With Facebook Ads Manager? – Digital Gabe
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What’s Happening With Facebook Ads Manager?

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Remember all the way back to three weeks ago when Facebook went down for several hours on Wednesday, March 13th?  While most of the headlines surrounding that event had to do with the interrupted user experience, there was also big impact on FB’s ad marketplace since no impressions could run while they were offline.  The business aspect wasn’t a big issue since everyone assumed things would get back to normal once Facebook came back online.

However, it looks like the available inventory in FB’s Ads Manager platform still hasn’t recovered from the outage.  Even though FB doesn’t disclose the amount of inventory available in Ads Manager, buyers are seeing a major spike in winning bid CPMs on the platform.  Ads which used to be in the $6-8 CPM range are now priced over $30.  To industry insiders this is a sign that inventory is being massively constricted, which dates back to exactly March 13th.

Facebook hasn’t responded to any of the conspiracy theories that they’re intentionally decreasing available supply in order to drive up rates.  To date they’ve only addressed the March 13th incident.  “We understand the frustration the March 13th Ads Manager outage may have caused,” said a Facebook spokesperson. “Our team is working hard to investigate the impact on advertisers, including reviewing any refundable cases.”

In my mind the timing of the outage and subsequent rate spike seem a little too much like a cause-and-effect to be a coincidence.  Hmmm . . .


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