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What’s The Best Way To Sell Programmatic In Digital Media? – Digital Gabe
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What’s The Best Way To Sell Programmatic In Digital Media?

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As programmatic buying grows as a percentage of digital publishers’ revenue, there’s a need to figure out the best way to set up and compensate sales organizations to handle this new transaction method.  Digiday is featuring an interesting perspective on where things stand today and where we might be headed.

First, let’s start with the current state of things.  Today most publishers with outside sales teams have reps assigned to major accounts.  These sellers oversee the entire client relationship, including programmatic.  But once a PMP deal is sold in, these reps usually hand the ball off to a programmatic specialist who helps set up the DIDs necessary to transact.  If you’ve spent any time with programmatic you know the DID isn’t the finish line to the transaction, like a typical IO would be.  Instead, getting a DID live is only the starting line, because of the backend tech work and trouble-shooting needed to insure impressions are being delivered at scale through the programmatic piping.

This is where the sales transformation comes in.  More than ever publishers are training their regular sellers to be programmatic fluent, in order to handle all aspects of a PMP relationship without having to rely on a lateral expert.  Pubs are also starting to let their programmatic sellers be the client lead on the entire account relationship, especially for clients who’ve already made the leap into programmatic transacting.  These shifts are steadily pushing the two roles into one blurred line job description.

Overall this trend is a positive for digital media.  Having one rep who can be an expert at either way an advertiser wants to transact, whether it be IO or DID, is more efficient and better for overall customer service.  I’d expect the trend to pick up speed going into 2019.


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