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A New Player Emerges In Audio Streaming Measurement – Digital Gabe
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A New Player Emerges In Audio Streaming Measurement

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Since 2008 the state of audio measurement has been patchwork at best.  Triton has grown steadily as the one platform dedicated to audio streaming with its Webcast Digital Metrics Ratings product, but their data is limited to quantitative metrics like how many people are listening, how long they’re listening for, etc..  On the other side of the street Nielsen (and Arbitron before them) still only measures broadcast radio listening, despite a series of attempts/failures to come up with a comprehensive digital audio measurement system.  Then mix in the challenge of measuring podcasts which are often downloaded and listened to later instead of real-time streamed.

Does this situation sound ripe for disruption to you?  Apparently it does to Adobe, one of the world’s biggest data aggregators, who just announced plans to launch a new audio streaming measurement service.  Their Adobe Analytics platform will measure streamed audio across music, podcasts, audio books, etc..  Because Adobe utilizes Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs) they’ll be able to provide a more complete picture of who the listeners are and how they consume digital audio products.  In addition they’ll allow clients to overlay second and third party data which will enable streaming to be included in cross-channel media mix modeling.

Last week’s announcement didn’t include a timeline for launching Adobe Analytics for audio streaming, so I’m guessing it’s still several months off.  When it does arrive I’m predicting a sea change effect, with digital audio measurement finally standing shoulder to shoulder with all other media types.  Should be exciting to watch.


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