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A Tale Of Two Streamers – Digital Gabe
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A Tale Of Two Streamers

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This week a fascinating study was released by CivicScience showing the difference between Pandora and Spotify listeners.  While both streamers have similar offerings (aka play the same music over the internet), the profile of their users is very different.  Here are a few highlights from the study to wrap your mind around:

  • AGE: 44% of Spotify listeners are 13-24 yo, compared to 22% of Pandora listeners. Inversely 35% of Pandora listeners are 35-54 yo, compared to 18% for Spotify:  Effectively Spotify is Gen Z based, Pandora owns Gen X, with Gen Y in between split roughly down the middle.
  • RACE: Pandora (34% AA, 32% Hispanic and 18% Asian).  Spotify (23% AA, 35% Hispanic, and 37% Asian).  Bottom line – AA listeners skew heavily towards Pandora, Hispanics use both services equally, and Asians lean towards Spotify.
  • INCOME: Not surprisingly with age comes income.  30% of Pandora’s audience earns over $100K/yr, compared to 19% on Spotify.  This extra income translates into affluence and buying power for advertisers.

If you’re interested in geeking out here’s the full CivicScience report.  Enjoy!


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