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Apple Getting Into The Music Charts Game

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If you need any additional evidence the impact streaming is having on the music industry look no further than Apple’s decision to begin keeping real time charts of the most-streamed songs on their platform.  We’re not just talking 1-2 charts . . . Apple is coming out of the gate with 116 different “Top 100” format charts.  I’m assuming there will be a combination of different genres and countries within all these charts.  Maybe they’ll even get cute and combine countries and genres together – Top 100 Spanish R&B, anyone?

Why is Apple getting into music charting?  It’s all about influencing the hottest part of the music industry right now.  Other competitors have already integrated streaming into their charts, which puts them on the cutting edge of music popularity analytics.  As an example Pandora has been feeding its listening data into Next Big Sound’s industry charts for years.  Then in May, Billboard changed the algorithm for its signature charts to weigh paid streams more than free streams.  A week after those changes, YouTube Music released its own set of platform-specific charts.  At the time YouTube’s Head of Label Relations Stephen Bryan told Rolling Stone that because of YouTube’s global influence as the internet’s go-to music destination, those charts offer “the clearest view in what’s happening in music today.”

Apple is obviously trying to keep pace with these competitors and stay relevant as a place where hits are made online.  This sort of reminds me of the radio stations of yesteryear, where a DJ could break a new hit by being the first to play it.  How times have changed.


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