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Apple Music On Google Home? (just kidding) – Digital Gabe
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Apple Music On Google Home? (just kidding)

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Imagine Google Home users’ surprise on Monday night as they were scrolling through choices of music streaming platforms to play on their smartspeakers, when they saw Apple Music as an option at the bottom of the list.  Yes, it happened.  For a brief moment you could access your Apple Music account through your Google Home device.  Check out the screen shot below.

Apparently this was a bug.  After noticing the Apple Music access, Google rushed out a PR statement stating, “Apple Music is currently only available for Google Assistant users on mobile phones. We have nothing to announce regarding updates to Google Home.”  Feels like a coding error to me.

This brings up an interesting paradox for smartspeaker manufacturers.  On one hand they have an incentive to make as many streaming platforms as possible available on their devices – this is a selling point for users who want to listen to specific streamers.  On the other hand, techsters like Google and Apple are mortal enemies even down to their iOS vs. Android operating systems.  So the last thing Google wants is to promote Apple usage on their smartspeakers.

Can’t we at least agree to get along as frienemies?!?


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