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Drinking The Water From Your Own Fish Bowl – Digital Gabe
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Drinking The Water From Your Own Fish Bowl

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Yesterday I stumbled across a Q&A article in Radio Ink which asked current radio Program Directors if they thought listeners were leaving radio for streamers like Pandora and Spotify.  It’s a very legitimate question that deserves to be discussed, but this isn’t the right group to ask.  Obviously if you’re in charge of listenership at a broadcast radio station you’re going to defend your product tooth and nail and not cede an inch to the newcomer streamers.  So this is just another case of a radio trade publishing what the radio industry wants to hear, and not having an honest discussion about the existential threat broadcast radio is facing from the internet.

A better exercise would have been to ask the same question to other industry stakeholders like clients, agency leaders, and investors.  I’m guessing we’d hear more objective responses which is exactly what radio needs right now.  In the article Radio Ink mentions that these are first in a series of responses.  Hopefully future installments will include respondents who aren’t in charge of the fish bowl in the first place.

And BTW – if you have some time to kill check out the back and forth in the comment section below the article.  It looks like the fish are turning against one another!


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