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Lookout Netflix, Here Comes Disney+

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What do Star Wars, The Simpsons, Pixar, Marvel, ESPN, National Geographic and the entire vault of Disney movies have in common?  This November all of this content will be available on the new OTT streaming platform Disney+, and none of it will be available on Netflix.

Last week Disney lifted the curtain on its much anticipated video streaming platform, appropriately titled Disney+, which will be available with a $6.99/mo subscription beginning November 12th.  As part of this launch Disney is pulling its massive content library off Netflix, which simultaneously damages their rival and gives their own platform a mountain of exclusives.  By this holiday season could you imagine being a parent of young children and not having a Disney+ sub?!?

There’s a saying in media that content is king, and Disney’s OTT power play underscores the strategic advantage of owning your own stuff.  It also explains why other OTT competitors like Netflix, Amazon, etc., are investing billions in their own original content.

Let the OTT Wars begin!


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