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Pandora Adds Voice Command Features On Google Home – Digital Gabe
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Pandora Adds Voice Command Features On Google Home

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Voice-enablement is red hot right now.  As more and more IoT devices come into the market with the AI brains to interpret human voice we have more reason than ever to give voice commands.  One of the most common ways we use our voices in the connected home is to ask our smartspeakers to play music.  “Hey Alexa . . . play so-and-so artist” is something we’re all getting pretty used to saying.  However, despite the growing popularity of voice-enablement, the actual set of commands available for music streaming is still pretty limited.  Most AI platforms allow you to pick an artist/song, play/pause a station and change the volume, but that’s about it.

In a step towards improving this functionality Pandora has just announced enhanced voice control on Google Home devices.  Pandora subscribers now have the ability to go deeper into the listening experience just by using their voices.  Examples of new voice functionality include thumbing up/down songs and searching for songs by their lyrics.  The end goal for Pandora, and all music streamers for that matter, is to match the voice controlled listening experience to the visual-based display/touch commands we do on our smartphones.  It’ll still take the industry a while to get all the way there, but progress is definitely being made!


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