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Pandora Buzzing With Innovation

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Over the past few weeks the bees have been busy at Pandora working on innovation across a few different fronts.  The biggest news came yesterday with the announcement that Pandora’s purchase of AdsWizz has been finalized.  AdsWizz’s MarTech chops as the world’s preeminent audio SSP will allow Pandora to develop a full scale programmatic audio marketplace within the next several months.  If you want a more in-depth analysis of what this acquisition means for Pandora and streaming audio as a whole check out my original blog post from the original announcement back in March.

Almost lost in the AdsWizz headline was another move Pandora made over the weekend with the launch of its first Premium Family Plan.  Now a family of up to six accounts can be bundled into one Premium subscription for $15/mo.  Part of this move was to keep pace with competitors like Apple and Spotify who offer similarly-priced family bundles.  Another motivation is to give Pandora an access point into the Gen-Z market, since many younger listeners would rather piggy-back on their parents’ subscriptions instead of paying a little each month for their own sub.  Either way it’s a great move by Pandora to make it even easier to subscribe.


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