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Streaming Gets Personal(ized)

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One of the best things about streaming music is the ability to customize playlists and curate your own stations to match your unique tastes.  But unless you have a side job DJing on the weekends you might not know which songs to add to your perfect playlist.  That’s why streamers like Spotify and Apple have built libraries of prepackaged playlists, which in theory give listeners the music they want without having to pick the songs themselves.  But there’s just one problem with these preset playlists – they’re all still generic and meant to be listened to by different users.  So is that really personalized?

To solve this problem Pandora is pushing the boundaries of personalized playlists by incorporating listener data from their Music Genome to create user specific playlists.  Here’s how it works.  If it’s Monday morning and you need to get into work mode you might choose a Your Focus Soundtrack playlist (image below).  But instead of just getting a one-size-fits-all playlist, Pandora will project what it knows about you as a listener to create your perfect Monday morning station.  So you’ll end up with your own playlist which is unique from any others who might be listening their Your Focus station at the same time.

Pandora’s Personalized Playlist launch will effectively raise the bar on what listeners expect from their streamed playlist experiences.  It’ll be interesting to see if other streamers respond to Pandora’s challenge, assuming they have enough listener data to recommend personalized songs in the first place.


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