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Triton’s Webcast Metrics Ratings Are Released

he three leaders — Pandora, Spotify, and iHeartRadio — each gained a single percentage in Average Active Sessions

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Late Tuesday Triton released their Dec’17 Webcast Metrics Ratings for US audio streaming.  As noted in the attached RAIN link and in the image below, all streamers received the normal December kiss thanks to holiday listening, and Pandora continues to hold a slim lead over Spotify.

Keep in mind Triton doesn’t differentiate between Addressable and Subscription listening, so you have to cut Spotify’s number roughly in half to get their ad-supported AAS (Average Active Sessions).  If you step back from the individual monthly changes and look at the overall trend you can something interesting.

Pandora and Spotify continue to grow over time, while all the other broadcast radio streamers (those bunched up lines at the bottom) stay relatively flat.  So over time the amount of listening on Pandora and Spotify as a percentage of Triton’s total AAS keeps going up.

In December 79% of stream listening occurred between the two pureplays, which leaves all the other broadcasters to fight over the remaining 21%.  This is clear proof that the broadcasters’ attempt at streaming just can’t compete with the pureplays.

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