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A New Smartphone King

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Move over Apple, there’s a new best-selling smartphone in the world.  According to Counterpoint Research, Samsung’s Galaxy S9/S9+ surpassed Apple’s iPhone X/8 to claim the top spot.  For Americans this may seem strange since Apple still dominates the handset market in the US.  However only 14% of smartphones worldwide are Apple-made, leaving the remaining 86% to be split amongst a bevy of Android-based brands including Samsung.

One of the reasons Apple has fallen to second place was its less-then-stellar launch of the iPhone X.  With a $1,000 price tag it’s proving too expensive without enough new groundbreaking features to be worth the cost.  On the other side of the spectrum discount handsets like Xiaomi (it’s ok to admit you’ve never heard of them either), is starting to dominate emerging markets like India and China.  You can see how the brands stacks up in the graphic below.

Obviously Apple’s problem with losing the smartphone lead is that they’re primarily a device company.  So unless they can keep cranking out league leading handsets they’ll eventually lose their competitive advantage.  Maybe that’s why they’re trying to diversify into ad sales, streaming content, etc..  It’ll be interesting to see if Apple can get its smartphone mojo back with the rumored release of their new phone later this year.  We shall see.


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