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Apple Presses Pause On 5G iPhones While Samsung Proceeds – Digital Gabe
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Apple Presses Pause On 5G iPhones While Samsung Proceeds

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Yesterday it was leaked that Apple is delaying the release of 5G compatible iPhones until mid-2020.  This is significant because Samsung also announced a joint venture with Verizon to release its first 5G phones in early 2019.  This timeline creates a significant first-mover advantage for Android-based Samsung of more than 12 months, which is unheard of in the tech space.

Next spring Verizon and other telcos will begin to roll out 5G cellular coverage.  Obviously it will take years to carpet the country with this latest cellular platform, so even if you own a 5G phone you won’t be able to use that functionality everywhere.  Apple is counting on the limited 5G coverage, and the need to work out whatever kinks in year one, as the rationale for delaying their 5G handset rollout.  On the other side of the coin, not having the shiniest new toy in the smartphone game gives the perception that Apple is behind the tech curve.

So yes Apple-heads, you’ll need to wait awhile before experiencing 5G on your iPhone.  Maybe you can look over the shoulder of the person next to you on their Galaxy to see what’s it’s like. 🙂


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