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Are You Ready For 5G?

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By now you’ve probably heard of the term 5G and maybe think it’s just another tweak to our existing information delivery infrastructure, like the move from 4G to 4G LTE.  If that’s your impression than you’re totally underestimating the tech transformation we’re about to go through.  It’s not an overstatement to say 5G will represent the greatest leap forward of processing speed in the history of mankind, with speeds that are a staggering twenty times faster than 4G.  Take a moment to wrap your mind around that before reading on.

Imagine every device you interact with, including smartphones, computers, cars, and home appliances all operating 20x faster than they do today.  What will this mean in practical terms?  Inc.com has an interesting breakdown of all the ways 5G technology will impact our lives.  It will allow cars to not just drive themselves, but also communicate with other self-driving vehicles around them to create a seamless traffic flow that’s much faster (and safer) than today’s roads.  In the medical field nanobots will diagnose illnesses inside our bodies and perform needed medical procedures themselves.  Future armies won’t be made up human soldiers.  Instead they’ll be drone swarms who’ll fight each other on land, water, air and yes even space.  Maybe we’ll need that Space Force after all 🙂 .

I know this sounds too crazy to be true, but 5G has the potential to do all of this and more once humans can create and program 5G-enabled devices to harness this newfound power.  The first 5G phones will start coming into the market in 2019, so get ready!


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