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California Goes It Alone With Net Neutrality – Digital Gabe
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California Goes It Alone With Net Neutrality

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As you know earlier this year the FCC voted to repeal the Net Neutrality regulations which forced ISPs to maintain consistent data delivery speeds for all publishers.  Since the deregulation in June we’ve already seen instances of data speed throttling from all the major Telcos.  To combat this trend the California State Legislature recently passed its own state-level version of the regulation, which would require ISPs operating in the state to comply with the former NN rules.

While CA NN (I know, I’m going abbreviation crazy) is still waiting Governor Jerry Brown’s signature, the FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has already come out against the plan.  Pai has stated that since the internet is an interstate service, “it follows that only the federal government can set regulatory policy in this area.”  States like California disagree and consider internet data delivery to be a state level commerce issue which can be regulated locally.

Obviously having different laws in each state won’t work for ISPs (imagine doing business in New England?), so some standardization probably makes sense.  My guess is California will enact the law, which will trigger a lawsuit by the FCC, which will end up in the federal courts.

Does anyone have any NN aspirin for my NN headache?!?


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