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Does Too Much Tech Make For Bad Parenting? – Digital Gabe
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Does Too Much Tech Make For Bad Parenting?

Silicon Valley parents are raising their kids tech-free, and it should be a red flag

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Today, the attached Business Insider link caught my attention over the weekend due to its irony.

Here’s the setup – a pair of Silicon Valley execs are raising their children to be so low-tech that they’re almost no-tech.  Their 10 and 12 year olds don’t own cell phones yet, only get to use their parents’ phones for 10 minutes each week, and are supervised when they use the family iPad.

So why would a mom who works at Apple and a former Googler dad be so anti-tech?  The answer is simple – they’ve both seen how much time and effort goes into making digital technology irresistible, and want to keep their children from being inundated for as long as possible.

These parents are also aware of something called “malaise of scrolling”, which can shorten attention spans in developing brains and lead to depression, anxiety, and even suicide in extreme cases.  And the craziest part of this story is that these parents aren’t alone.  More and more tech-employed parents are keeping their children away from connected devices, and especially social networks, for as long as possible.

Is this disturbing for any of you parents out there?

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