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Get Ready For Snap Spectacles 3.0 – Digital Gabe
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Get Ready For Snap Spectacles 3.0

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Yesterday Snap, Inc. announced plans to relaunch a third edition of its Spectacles glasses.  You may remember when Snap first came out with Spectacles in 2016.  These VR-enabled glasses were meant to overlay augmented reality images within the lenses on top of users’ real world view.  So suddenly Pikachu wouldn’t just be on your phone . . . he’d actually be in your field of vision!

To put it mildly the first and second edition Spectacles were a flop.  Of the initial 200,000 produced about 5,000 were given away to influencers and under 10,000 were actually sold.  Besides the limited software applications which degraded the user experience, Spectacles suffered from a tangible creep factor.  The fact that they looked so much like normal glasses made it hard to tell if someone was wearing them.  So once people figured out someone had them on they would jump to the conclusion that the wearer was up to some sort of digital voyeurism.

To solve this issue Snap’s new Spectacles include the unusual benefit of not looking like regular sunglasses.  As you can see in the picture they’re very distinctive.  The hope is that by making it obvious that a user has them on they won’t carry the same stigma.  To test the waters Snap is producing a “limited edition” version of Spectacles 3 which will retail for $380.  Maybe an early contender for your holiday gift list?


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