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GM Goes With Android For Its Next Gen In-Car OS – Digital Gabe
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GM Goes With Android For Its Next Gen In-Car OS

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In-car tech is becoming better than ever.  Every year advancements in Android Auto, Apple Carplay, and the manufacturers’ own proprietary systems has improved the onboard connectivity as well as the content available to us within automobiles.  In fact, when it comes to the purchase decision what tech a car comes with is becoming just an important as things like body design and engine capabilities.  If you don’t believe me try test driving a 2015-16 model year vehicle and then a 2019 version of the same car.  You’ll think you just passed through a time portal between the two vehicles.

To stay ahead of the tech curve GM has just announced a committed to the next generation of Android Auto for its full line of vehicles beginning in 2021.  That means Google Assistant, Maps, and other automotive-approved Android apps will be available in GM cars via the Play Store without requiring the use of an Android smartphone.

This move is a reversal of the trend we’ve been seeing over the past few years in which OEMs tried to engineer their own in-car tech because they didn’t want to turn over their center stack real estate (not to mention data) to 3rd party companies.  But as you can imagine, developing software at this level takes a lot of time and money to get right.  As a result, almost every automaker eventually relented and allowed smartphone-based solutions like CarPlay and Android Auto in their vehicles.

It’s fair to compare in-car tech to an arms race.  So expect to see Toyota, Ford, etc. shoulder up to GM with next gen infotainment enhancements of their own in the near future.


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