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Google Minis Take The Smartspeaker Lead – Digital Gabe
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Google Minis Take The Smartspeaker Lead

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Remember about 10 minutes when it seemed like Amazon had a 75% share of worldwide smartspeaker sales?  My, how quickly things have changed.  According to the latest Strategy Analytics data Google Minis topped the global smartspeaker shipments with 2.3M units in Q2, which comprised 20% of the market.  Right behind Google was Amazon’s Echo Dot at 2.2M units/18%.  Sales of these smaller units are surging because the low price point ($20-30 range) makes it easy to buy one for every room in the house.  Even though the top two sellers make up 38% of the units shipped, they only accounted for 17% of the sector’s revenue – which tells you they’re selling on the cheap.  At the other end of the price spectrum Apple’s HomePods accounted for 6% of total unit sales, but that number made up 16% of global smartspeaker sales in Q2.

Based on this latest batch of data it looks like the smartspeaker market is already beginning to commoditize around smaller, lower priced devices.  This isn’t particularly good news for the any of the current market leaders who want you to buy into their brands’ ecosystem.  My prediction is that within a few years we’ll be buying cheapest ever no-name smartspeakers made in Vietnam, which will be able to connect to any of the AI platforms in the market today.


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