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Is Google Already Looking Past The Android Crack Down? – Digital Gabe
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Is Google Already Looking Past The Android Crack Down?

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Last week the EU made history by levying a $5B fine on Google for predatory business practices.  The rationale for the EU’s action is that Google had created a monopolistic environment on Android-powered handsets by preinstalling their own apps and search functionality.  After such a large fine, which totaled almost half of Google’s 2017 net profit, there was a deafening silence from Mountain View.  As it turns out, Google might actually be so far into the development of their next gen operating system to care that much about any additional Android blowback.

So what’s up Google’s sleeve?  In a word . . . Fuchsia.  Google is in the process of developing a new operating system called Fuchsia, which can work on almost every non-Apple IoT connected device.  This will give Google an open-architecture platform to run smartspeakers and connected home gadgets.  There’s another subtle benefit.  Without getting too techie, Fushia isn’t using the Linux OS as its kernel, so it won’t be dependent on Oracle, or any other company, to support future software updates.

Fuchsia’s back-end code autonomy, plus its cross-device functionality, should give Google a strong OS to compete in the next generation tech wars.  Maybe that explains why they didn’t appear overly concerned about the EU’s Android hand slap.


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