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Nanotech Comes To Your Mouth

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Thanks to the miniaturization of microprocessor chips we’re starting to see a whole new frontier of tiny wearable devices come to market.  The latest example is a nano device that can be affixed to a person’s tooth, which is being developed by Tufts University’s Biomedical Engineering School.

The primary use of this tooth computer (my working title) is to monitor and track substances it comes in contact with – so what we eat and drink.  Keeping an in-the-mouth log of what we consume could have significant medical benefits for things like glucose monitoring and tracking special diets.  Then think of the use case extensions like drunk driving prevention.  If your tooth computer knows you’ve been drinking it could signal and disable your connected car, potentially saving thousands of lives per year.

Obviously the technology still needs to be refined before it comes to market.  I’m guessing we’d want to wear something a little less noticeable than a computer chip prominently displayed on one of our front choppers.  But aesthetic challenges are easy to solve once you have an important tech breakthrough like this.


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