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Smartspeakers Are The Trojan Horse Of Voice Interactivity – Digital Gabe
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Smartspeakers Are The Trojan Horse Of Voice Interactivity

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For years we’ve been able to command our phones and even cars through voice activation.  When Apple’s Siri debuted in October, 2011 the techarazzi predicted we’d all be voice commanding galore within just a few years.  But the original AI was clunky and we weren’t accustomed to speaking into our devices, so the adoption of voice interactivity languished.

What a difference seven years can make.  Over that stretch smartspeakers came onto the scene complete with voice-enabled digital assistants.  Suddenly the accuracy and convenience of speaking to a digital helper in your home has become an everyday occurrence.  Now Adobe is out with a new batch of research showing just how reliant we’ve all become of smartspeakers.

Besides just giving more voice commands, it’s interesting to see what we’re asking our voice-enabled digital assistants to do.  Listening to music leads the pack with 70% of respondents, followed closely by asking for the weather forecast at 64%.  Here’s what the rest of our requested activities looks like.

One of Adobe’s most interesting findings is that smartspeaker owners are more likely to give voice commands on other devices. As an example they’re three times more likely to access voice assistants on their phones.  So I guess it’s true that smartspeakers really are our Trojan Horse into the age of Voice.


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