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Tech Rewind (Literally)

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Last week a video started making the rounds on YouTube showing the epic struggle of two seventeen year-olds trying to master an old school rotary phone.  The challenge was simple enough – they were given four minutes to try to make a single phone call using one of those rotary phones your grandparents used to have in their home.  The ensuing trial and error is hilarious to watch.  If you haven’t seen it yet here’s the link – make sure to watch with the sound on.

What’s amazing about this video is how today’s tech forward teens can’t figure out a low-tech device like a phone from the 1960s.  I totally get how the rotary dial part would be confusing – I remember struggling to dial the numbers correctly as a kid myself.  But the fact that they can’t even fathom holding the handset up to their ear/mouth to talk is amazing.  I guess they think speaker phones have been around since Alexander Graham Bell made the very first phone call.

Makes you wonder what other tech tasks from yesteryear today’s kids can’t do.  Enjoy!


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