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The Voice-To-Purchase Lag Is Real – Digital Gabe
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The Voice-To-Purchase Lag Is Real

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years you’re well aware of how IoT devices and their AI brains are changing the way we interact with the technology around us.  This is especially true with smartspeakers.  According to Recode, one quarter to one third of the US population already owns a smartspeaker and uses a voice assistant at least once a month.  Yet for all the commands we’re giving our new smartspeakers, we’re still making surprisingly few purchases using our voices.  This phenomenon is starting to be known as the voice-to-purchase lag.

According to Voicebot, less than 1% of consumers polled expressed a preference for shopping via voice.  That’s not even tracking active usage – we’re only talking preference here.  This stat indicates a general reluctance in making voice purchases.  Perhaps people still want to touch or feel the physical product in-store, or at least see the product on a screen to make sure it’s the right size, color, etc..  I’m guessing this hesitation will start to fade for commodity items (batteries, eggs, etc.), and for refill items once you know your voice-enabled digital assistant will put the correct SKU in your voice shopping cart.

In the meantime, AI platforms and marketers alike must figure out a way to get consumers over the voice divide.  Until then the voice-to-purchase lag will persist.


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