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We’re Still Buying PCs After All – Digital Gabe
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We’re Still Buying PCs After All

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Let’s face it buying that new laptop, or even desktop PC, isn’t the most glamorous way to spend your tech budget these days.  With increasingly powerful smartphones and tablets of all shapes and sizes on the market do we even need regular old computers anymore?

According to the latest PC sales figures, the answer to that question might still be yes.  In Q2’19 global personal computer units sold (anything non-Apple) rose 1.5% to 63M.  Increasing sales by less than 2% may not seem like much, but it’s a significant talking point for a sector of tech which has been on the slide for years.

Some of these new PC sales may have been spurred by forced upgrades of Windows 10 – if your old desktop clunker was running too slowly on 10 you might have thrown in the towel and just bought a whole new machine.  Regardless of why customers were buying more PCs, it’s a bright spot for a sector which could use some good news.


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