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What Apple Might Be Up To In 2019 – Digital Gabe
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What Apple Might Be Up To In 2019

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Over the past few months the product development team at Apple has been busy filing for 43 new patents with the US Patent & Trademark Office.  What has the crew from Cupertino been up to?

Some of their more interesting ideas include a patent for “Smart Fabric”, which would hypothetically contain nano-OLED screens embedded within the fabric.  So maybe someday you’ll be wearing a video screen as a shirt?  Another more basic idea is an Uber for Apple concept, which would link Apple Maps to its own proprietary ridesharing service.  Who knows, maybe Tim Cook himself will pick you up as a celebrity driver someday.

In the digital audio space Apple is working on an Apple Music For Business concept.  The filing includes a description about the “broadcast and transmission of streamed music, audio, video, and multimedia content by means of radio, television, internet, and satellite for business use.”  In plain English, this would allow businesses to stream Apple Music for in-store music listening.

Keep in mind not all patents that are applied for become full-fledged products.  Regardless, there’s still plenty to wonder about with Apple’s product mix in 2019.


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