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Amazon Touts New-To-Brand Ad Effectiveness – Digital Gabe
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Amazon Touts New-To-Brand Ad Effectiveness

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The holy grail of media attribution is the ability for an ad platform to prove they drove a purchase from a consumer who’s never bought that brand before.  Generating a completely new customer from scratch is about as valuable as it gets for marketers, but is also an elusive thing for publishers to prove.

Last week Amazon announced an attempt to deliver this golden metric, with the debut of its “new-to-brand” attribution tool.  This metric can show clients how many consumers made a purchase of their product on Amazon for the first time in the last 12 months, after being exposed to an ad on the platform.  Of course, the big asterisk to this formula is they can only show first-time Amazon purchases.  So if you’ve bought a product from another retailer or site in the past, and then bought the same product on Amazon, you’d count as a new-to-brand customer, even though you just changed who you bought the same product from.

Despite this obvious flaw, Amazon’s new-to-brand tool will probably be appealing to marketers who are trying to track sales lift on Amazon itself.  Since Amazon is one of the very few platforms who can serve ads at scale and transact purchases at the same time, this could become a powerful sales tool to woo more ad business.


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