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Pandora Debuts Its First Ever Sonic ID

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If I asked you to hum the McDonald’s “I’m loving it” jingle or the “Nationwide is on your side” song, you could do it in your sleep.  That’s because these brands have invested several years and millions in marketing dollars to sear their Sonic IDs in your brain.  So now when you hear even the first note of these mnemonics you instantly recall the brands.

With so many brands’ Sonic IDs floating around our collective subconscious would it surprise you to learn that several digital audio streamers like Apple Music, Pandora and Spotify don’t have one of their own?  Hard to believe, right?!?  You’d think since their entire business model is based on the consumption of audio content, streamers would be the first guys in the Sonic ID line.

Well now one streamer has decided to step forward to harness the power of branding with a Sonic ID.  Yesterday Pandora announced the debut of its first externally facing Sonic ID in the company’s 19 year history.  As described by Steve Keller, Pandora’s Sonic Strategy Director, “I hear energy, friendly human-ness and a group of voices both male and female.  What you are hearing now is the starting point. And we will drill that into your ears and brain like an earworm. But as we change it up over time, it may reflect a certain mood, or the listener — they will still hear ‘Pandora,’ but the melody may speak to them differently.”

As with any long-term branding effort, it will take some time for Pandora’s new Sonic ID to become synonymous with the product itself.  But at least they’re putting their best sonic branding foot forward!


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