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Triton Webcast Metrics Ratings

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Yesterday Triton released its monthly Webcast Metrics Ratings for March’18.  Overall streaming was up 1% over Feb’18 and an impressive +11% vs. March’17.  At the very top the ranker it continues to be a two horse race between Pandora and Spotify.  You may recall last month Spotify surpassed Pandora for Average Active Sessions over the full week (Mon-Sun 6a-12md).  However, in March Pandora rebounded with a 3% increase MoM, while Spotify stayed virtually flat.  So the streamers are now essentially tied.

Keep in mind Triton still doesn’t delineate between Addressable listeners who hear ads vs. Subscription listeners who don’t receive ads – both flavors of audience are included in these AAS numbers.  So advertisers still need to manually remove the subscription side from the streamers’ audiences to understand the addressable scale each brings.  For Spotify the subscription portion is about half of their audience (so multiply their AAS by .5), and Pandora’s subscribers make up roughly 7% of their audience (so multiply by .93 to determine their addressable scale).  Hope this napkin math helps!


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