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What To Look For At CES 2019 – Digital Gabe
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What To Look For At CES 2019

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If it’s early January and you find yourself wondering the Las Vegas strip on the short side of a chip stack, you know you must be at CES.  Tomorrow the industry-leading Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Vegas.  The Verge has a solid summary of what we can expect to see in the desert this week.

  • 5G is just about ready for prime time. As the Telcos begin to roll out the next gen wireless platform, expect to see several new 5G-enabled product announcements from the device manufacturers.
  • Connected Cars have become so interwoven with CES that the Detroit Auto Show even moved its event from the second week of January into the summer, beginning in 2020. So expect to see more transportation-related tech at CES than ever before.
  • Foldable screens are coming. Thanks to OLED innovations digital video displays will no longer be confined to static monitors.  Get ready for malleable screens of all shapes and sizes.
  • Smart Home devices will continue to proliferate. We’re not just talking smartspeakers and video doorbells anymore – expect to be overwhelmed by AI-enabled devices from microwaves to lightbulbs, and every home-based product in between.
  • Lets no forget the quirky innovations you never knew you needed but won’t be able to live without. I’ve already uncovered the new Y-Brush, which promises to brush your teeth for you in just 10 seconds.  Who knows, maybe the internet will eventually put dentists out of business too.
  • One thing you won’t see at CES this year is FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.  He was supposed to be featured in a fireside chat with CES President Gary Shapiro, but thanks to the government shutdown Pai won’t be making the trip out.  Given Pai’s status as the “least popular guy in tech” for dismantling Net Neutrality, this may have been a welcome excuse to miss the event.

Yours truly will be at CES this year, but I’ll be working my day job so the blogging might be a little light this week.  I’ll throw a few posts up when I can.


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