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The Happiest Client On Earth Has Two New AORs

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Yesterday Disney unveiled its much-anticipated decision about their new Global AOR lineup.  The day’s biggest winner was Omnicom, which created a new bespoke unit called OMG23 specifically for the review.  (In case you’re wondering, the 23 is a nod to Disney’s founding year of 1923.)  Omnicom’s AOR scope will now include Disney’s North American movie studios and their media channels.  Publicis still retained the AOR duties for EPSN, while also picking up the new streaming platform Disney+, as well as the Parks & Resorts division.

You may remember my post last week about the rumored demand that the winning agency direct more ad spending from other accounts to Disney media outlets.  Omnicom attempted to get out in front of the story by stating, “We can confirm that there are no conditions regarding spending commitments, share-shifts or any other investment endeavors.  The investment recommendations of our agencies are always made in the best interests of our clients—premium content providers like Disney stand on their own merit.”  Time will tell if they live up to that statement.

Meanwhile it’s time to breakout the mouse-flavored champagne at two of the four big HoCos!


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