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The DG’s 2018 “Best Of”

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With holiday travel and time off coming up, this will be my last post of 2018.  So I thought I would take a walk down memory lane and feature some of my more notable articles from the past year.  I’m using the word “Best” in heavy air quotes here, since I didn’t have a scientific formula for this list.  Instead it was compiled from a combination of highest page visits, inspirational value and feedback I’ve personally received from these posts.  I hope you’ll enjoy revisiting some of these as much as I have . . .

  • Challenge Everything: When attacking a problem are you really trying everything possible?  Even if you answered yes to that question, read this story about the famous Blocked Free Throw Attempt and think again.  There’s ALWAYS something else you can try – NEVER give up!
  • The Arc Of Happiness: NYU Business Prof Scott Galloway blew us away with this video of 15 Life Strategies to help discover true happiness in our work-life balance.  I’m still trying to find my “inner gorilla” with this one.
  • Defined By Music: This one’s a bit of a homer for me, since it’s the story of how a music group was intertwined in some of my most formative life moments.  If you’re a Nirvana fan, When Music Defines You is a must read.
  • Nice Works: As Mark Cuban proved, even the most driven entrepreneur can learn the Business Benefits Of Being Nice.  Maybe a New Year’s resolution in the making for some of us?
  • Giving Your Very Best: When it comes to limiting our true potential we’re often our own worst enemy.  So what would happen if we just put the blindfold on and flat out gave our best?  Find out what’s possible in this epic scene from Facing The Giants, and get ready to “death crawl” with me.
  • Fail Greatly: In the immortal words of Robert Kennedy, “Changing our mindset now is how we change all aspects of our life going forward.”  His passage about the importance of Failing Greatly is as relevant today as when he said it more than 50 years ago.

That’s all I’ve got in the tank for 2018.  To my loyal readers, I’d like to wish you a fantastic holidays surrounded by family and friends.  See you back here in 2019!


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