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Does Your Brand Have Character? – Digital Gabe
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Does Your Brand Have Character?

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In the 1800s the psychologist Carl Jung put forth the idea that all human personality types were held within our collective subconscious, which we could tap into as needed.  Jung then profiled these personalities into a concept called Character Archetypes.  Examples of these archetypes include the Rebel, the Lover, the Innocent, etc..

Just as human personalities can be identified through Character Archetypes, so too can brands.  If a brand can successfully express their character through marketing they can become more identifiable and relatable to consumers.  Simply put, Character Archetypes can help humanize a brand and drive sales.

AdWeek has an interesting breakdown of Jung’s Character Archetypes which could be relevant to brands.  (Note – the graphic below doesn’t include all of Jung’s archetypes, just the ones brands could realistically harness to help their business.)

So does your brand have a well-defined Character Archetype?  And are you somehow expressing it in your marketing?  If not, it may be worth looking into.


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